5 reasons not to go to university

There is a huge misconception which tells young people that without at least a Bachelor’s Degree (preferably 2:1 and up) they have no chance at a rewarding and successful career. This is simply not true, and attending university should be seen as a personal choice that is only encouraged if your future plans demand a degree. We have put together some very good reasons for not going to uni.

1.    No student loan

Very few students graduate without the invisible burden of a huge student loan on their shoulders. These need to be paid off in a timely manner, the interests can be high, and your first years of working you essentially won’t receive your full salary. By skipping university and going straight into work you are eliminating this problem and have the calming knowledge that your money is yours and that you are, hopefully, completely debt-free.

2.    Get an early start

By entering the workforce right out of school you are getting an advantage over your friends in university - by the time they have finished their studies you will already have about three years of work experience. Experience is becoming more and more valued by employers as it becomes clearer that learning while working can be more effective than learning in a classroom, though this of course depends on the subject.

3.    Be independent

Working full-time is a great responsibility as you will have colleagues and managers that depend on you everyday - you are there for a reason after all. In the beginning it can be confusing and off-putting but most people revel in this strange sort of freedom. All of a sudden you are getting paid to get things done and it is your own responsibility to make that happen.

4.    Build your CV

Adding to the fact that you get more work experience, this also means that your CV will grow. Even if your first job out of school isn’t your ‘dream job’, you have begun. You now have something solid to put on your CV for when you start looking for the next, perhaps better-fitting job. 

5.    No regrets


I have friends from university who say that had they known then what they know now, they never would have attended. What you want to do when you are 18 is not necessarily what you want to do when you are 21, and if you have studied quite a narrow subject this can make it very difficult to change the direction of your career. This could mean that you are thousands of pounds in debt, all because you got training in a vocation you are no longer interested in. On the other hand if you start working and decide that you do want to go to university after all, it is never too late.

University can be one of the most rewarding times in a person’s life, but it is not for everyone. If you feel a lot of hesitation about applying, there could be a good reason for that. If you know what you want to do and it does not include university, apprenticeships might be the thing for you.

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