7 celebrities you didn’t know were apprentices

We at Milkround are firm believers in the greatness and potential of apprenticeships - and we aren’t alone. Throughout modern history, there are many celebrities that have made use of one of these great schemes where you earn while you learn and have the opportunity to gain qualifications. Here are some of the familiar faces that started out as apprentices:

Jamie Oliver
The culinary mastermind Jamie Oliver left school at 16 with two GCSEs and immediately started joining apprenticeships in restaurants all over London. After many years and some very hard work, he is now an international household name with a huge net worth.

Jamie Oliver - Scandic Hotels

Sir Alex Ferguson
The legendary Manchester United manager started out as an apprentice toolmaker and use his humble beginnings as inspiration for supporting the growth of apprenticeships today. He stayed an apprentice for five years while playing as a promising striker on the side.

Elvis Presley
Back in the 50s, even the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was an apprentice. Elvis joined an electrician apprenticeship in order to finance his attempts to break into the music industry. We would say he did quite well.

Elvis - That Hartford Guy

Ross Brawn
The F1 legend Ross Brawn began his professional life as a machinist apprentice in Oxfordshire. He used this job as the first step into F1, moving from the bottom and reaching the top as owner of a F1 team.

Michael Caine
The Cockney giant Michael Caine was juggling many jobs before he was accepted for a plumbing apprenticeship. He continued as an apprentice for two years before he started to land paying acting jobs.

Michael Caine

John Frieda
A perfect example of working your way up a career ladder - John Frieda started as a hairdressing apprentice, moved on to celebrity hair styling, and now has huge lines of haircare products and is a well-known figure in the industry.

Henry Ford
Founder of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford started out as a machine shop apprentice. This allowed him to learn the basics of the automotive industry and to go on to produce the first mass-owned automobile.

All of these extraordinary people found the beginnings of their success in apprenticeships. If you want to have the same opportunity, please go to schoolleavers.milkround.com and find your first step into the career of your dreams

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