Is the IT industry for you?

IT and Telecommunications is one of the fastest-growing sectors available right now, and with some effort the rewards of being a part of it can be amazing. When you’re in the right role it is pure brain work and will leave you satisfied with what you have achieved each day. Take a look at our points below to see if this industry is the place for you to kick-start your career.

1. Get paid
Jobs in IT and Telecommunications generally pay well, even during these not-so-great financial times. Most IT jobs require some form of skill, making candidates valuable for employers - however many of these skills aren’t as difficult to learn as they seem.


2. No day is the same
Tech jobs are extremely varied, with new challenges every day. In the kind of environment no day is the same and problem-solving is a major component, it is impossible to be bored. If you constantly want to be challenged and feel excitement in the workplace, IT could be for you.

3. Supply and demand
There is an abundance of IT jobs available, which is highly due to the fact that nowadays there are very few businesses that do not have an online presence in some way. Wherever there is an online presence there are techies building, maintaining or marketing it. 


4. Growing industry
As mentioned above, there are almost no companies with no online presence - and the few that have none are starting to wise up. As new technological advances are presented to the market more talent is needed to create and maintain them, and as we certainly can’t see an end to technology being extremely important to companies job security seems perfectly plausible.


5. Variety of jobs
Another advantage of the IT industry is the sheer variety of available careers. As a techie you can do anything from working at an IT helpdesk, being a web developer, IT analyst or sales apprentice, work with information security, et cetera. There is no end to the possibilities and no sign of this industry slowing down in the slightest.

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