Top 5 tips for starting a new job

Office workers, by Kompania Piwowarska

So you have gone through the hard work of applying for your first job, you have aced the interview process and accepted an offer. Now is the time to start thinking about your first few weeks on the job - how to acclimate, make friends, fit in well, and make sure you are doing your best. Read on for tips on how to hit the ground running in a new job.

1. Learn the dress code

Dress codes can change drastically from workplace to workplace. In manual labour jobs odds are it will be quite clear what kind of clothing you should wear, and it is very possible that you will be supplied with a uniform.

However, in office-based jobs or customer-facing institutions it can get a bit more confusing. For example, some employers say business casual but don’t mind their employees wearing trainers, others would frown on dressed-down shoes. 

The best way to get around this is to keep your eyes open when you are being interviewed for a role - make notes of what people around you are wearing. If you still aren’t sure, dress up rather than down. You can then modify your look as you get more comfortable in the workplace.

2. Always say yes

In the beginning you will meet many new people and it’s important that you integrate yourself in the social environment. Try to learn people’s names as soon as you can, and always say yes to invitations if you can. Work drinks, lunches, anywhere you will get a chance to see your co-workers in a social setting. It allows them to get to know you properly and vice versa, and odds are you will make a few new friends as well.

Do your best and don’t feel downtrodden if you are taking a bit longer

3. Ask loads of questions

You are doing something new somewhere new and it’s not strange for you to have questions or concerns. Your manager will always welcome the interruption of questions much more than you taking risks and feeling like you don’t truly know what you are doing.

In the same vein, make sure that you are always listening intently when something is being explained to you. Make notes of the things you believe will be important to remember and refer back to your notes before asking a question. 

4. Make suggestions

Once you have been immersed in your work for a few weeks, it’s possible that you have noticed a few processes that could be done in a more efficient way. Most managers will appreciate the feedback and be impressed with your desire to do as good a job as possible. However make sure that your suggestion genuinely is a good one as you don’t want to be wasting your manager’s time.

5. Be confident

You have gone through the application and interview process and you are still there. People work in different ways and take different amounts of time to pick up new tasks and skills. Do your best and don’t feel downtrodden if you are taking a bit longer to get into things than you would like. There’s a reason you were the one to be chosen for the job!

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