Guitar Making and Repair Diploma - Level 1

Course fee if applicable
19 Dec 2016
04 Sep 2017
This course starts you on the road for skills needed to make a guitar, including different construction methods and different styles of instrument. The course may include visits to auctions, museums, and instrument collections to help build up your knowledge on the development and history of guitars. Topics include: Woodwork skills and theory; Making a ukulele; Selection of timber for sound; Guitar bracing patterns; Basic metalwork and how to make small tools and Selecting and maintaining tools. You should aim to complete at least one instrument and this will include how to find and choose the right wood for your project. The tutor will give you feedback throughout your course. The name of the course, as it appears on your qualification or certificate, will be NVQ Certificate in Performing Engineering Operations - Level 1. On completion, you can move up to our Level 2 guitar making course and build on the skills you've learnt or to complete a project.