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SW6 Associates is the UK’s top specialist in matching ambitious candidates with lucrative positions in the recruitment industry. The potential rewards of working in recruitment are staggering. You’ll typically make at least £40k in your first year, with the best graduates able to earn six-figure salaries within 3 years. Many trainees have reached director level at their respective companies within five years. What other careers do you know with a trajectory as dynamic as that?

To succeed, you need talent and tenacity. It’s a high-pressured, competitive environment, only for the ambitious. For the best candidates, the possibilities – like the salaries – are virtually limitless.

We know the best candidates when we see them – they’ve got a hungry look in their eyes. More than a candidate; a clear favourite. Does that sound like you? If so, you are exactly the kind of candidate we want, because we know that our clients – top recruitment firms across the UK and beyond – will want you too.

As the industry leader in finding top jobs for graduates with great potential, we have the power to open doors and find you a position within a company that can match your ambition. Our industry knowledge, your hunger for success. Let’s unlock your future. Starting now.

Charlie reminisces about leaving Uni and not having a clue what to do next:


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